Feed additives, or better said in-feed technologies, can be a good alternative to antibiotic replacement only when supported by rigorous data (in vitro and in vivo):
– For each animal species and condition tested,
– Data that elucidate their exact mode of action,
– Data that prove their thermal as well as shelf-life stability.

The Innovad® Innovation Team has generated valuable evidence on the effectiveness of its main platform for intestinal health and antibiotic replacement: Lumance®.

In collaboration with different renowned universities, our researchers performed in-vitro experiments to test the anti-inflammatory activity, the synergistc effect (fig 1a), the effect on the intestinal barrier function (fig 1b) and the antibacterial activity of this solution. On top of this, in vivo trials have been performed accross different species to test the claimed modes of action under real farming conditions.

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