We wish you all a happy, prosperous and healthy 2019.

During this period, we want to bring your attention again to the following project:

Innovad is supporting WAPA (War-Affected People's Association), an NGO that raises funds to support small local organizations that help reintegrate victims of war (ex-child soldiers, widows of war, orphans IDP's,...) in post-conflict countries around the world and strengthen skills, competencies and abilities of the people and communities. Innovad collaborates with financial support on 3 projects across 3 continents (Sri Lanka, Uganda and Colombia).

A special attention this year to Wapa’s Change a family's life with a cow campaign. WAPA encourages the most vulnerable families to create an income-generated plan, thanks to raising dairy cows. The benefits are many: diversify the family's diet, provide education for children, have access to health care and save money. Innovad is proud to be part of that action.