100% Natural source of carotenoids and xanthophylls, highly stable, bioavailable and based on sustainable resources



Novioro is a yellow and red pigment range that is standardized and fully saponified to deliver a consistent and uniform colour for the egg yolk and broiler skin. It is based on natural lutein and zeaxanthin, obtained from dehydrated, stabilized, homogenized and saponified Marigold extract (yellow pigments) and capsanthin
from paprika extract (red pigments) stabilized with ethoxyquin free antioxidant and incorporated in inert carriers. All active ingredients are found in a highly bioavailable form, which makes Novioro an effective and reliable pigment source.
Innovad’s pigment experts have over 20 years of experience in providing natural pigments. A global supplier, active in the most demanding markets worldwide.

As part of our continued commitment to being the market leaders for natural pigments within Europe, we have built the most advanced state-of-the- art production facility along with our Italian sister company Addco Nutrition SPA.

The focus is to ensure an optimal process control and full traceability away from any contaminants (heavy metals or PCB like Dioxins). Starting from cultivation of the flowers, harvest and processing the raw material until the oleoresins are fully controlled based on rigorous quality controls and specifications. Saponification, homogenization, stabilization of the liquid and dry pigments are carried out within our newly built facility in the EU. The plant is fully automated to eliminate all variable human errors, constant output and production line are fully operating under nitrogen to prevent oxygen or product active component losses.
The process has been optimized to deliver the safest and stable lutein and capsanthin products for effective pigmentation, or supplementation for biological functions.

Benefits and features


  • Full control on harvesting, selection of parcels and raw material production.
  • Fully integrated production process. From the seeds to the oleoresin and finished product.
  • Full traceability.

Stability and freshness:

  • Innovad’s pigments are packaged and vacuum sealed under nitrogen in an aluminum bag to prevent oxidation. A mineral carrier (not corn cob, rice hulls or even the crushed Marigold flowers and plants) provides a superior product presentation, better flowability and optimized product stability.
  • Fresh products are guaranteed as production is triggered based on order. No old, stored material.

Bioavailability and efficacy:

  • Our saponification process provides optimum bioavailability, with a guaranteed minimum of 98% saponification.
  • Quick and effective absorption due to small particle size, guaranteeing maximum bioavailability.
  • Manufacturing is in accordance with current legislation on undesirable substances in animal feed (EU-Directive 2002/32/EC) including PCB and Dioxins. The absence of undesirable substances is checked on a routine basis by an accredited lab.
  • Highly efficient in colouration improvement in poultry.

Minimum carotenoid guaranteed level:

  • Guaranteed minimum levels of Trans-Lutein and Xanthophylls.


  • Maximum flowability on inert mineral carrier. Optimal dispersibility under extreme conditions during feed manufacturing.

Consistent quality:

  • The production process is fully automated with no human interaction other than handling bag of finished product, which guarantees consistent production and quality.
  • No ethoxyquin antioxidant present in our production process, not even traces as we control flower, extraction, saponification and final product stabilization. This meets the updated EU regulation.
  • All batches are tested negative for PCB like dioxins and other contaminants.

Product range

  • Yellow:
    • Novioro Y 20
    • Novioro Y 40
    • Novioro Y 50 Dry
  • Yellow liquid:
    • Novioro Y 15 L
  • Red:
    • Novioro R 5
    • Novioro R 10
    • Novioro R 20
  • Mix:
    • Novioro O 20 (10Gm Lutein +10 Gm Canthaxanthin per Kg.)

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