A novel tool towards the management of coccidial risk

Aflocox® provides an alternative approach towards the mitigation of coccidial risk using the synergistic effect of selected plant bio-actives

Coccidiosis control

Coccidiosis is a burdensome challenge for the global poultry production and existing traditional coccidiosis prevention strategies encounter several challenges. The Aflocox® range is a novel tool towards the management of coccidial risk, taking into consideration the particulars of different production systems. It provides an alternative and can be part of a complementary approach towards the mitigation of coccidial risk, by harnessing the synergistic effect of selected plant bio-actives.

Aflocox® Benefits

Anti-parasitic effect

Aflocox® interferes with the Eimeria cell wall synthesis. Aflocox® contains triterpenoid saponins that bind to the cholesterol of the protozoan cell membrane. This leads to incomplete oocyst wall synthesis and eventually to partial cell lysis and cell death.


Enhancing immunity

Aflocox® contains several bio-active immunomodulatory compounds that reinforce the bird’s immunity during coccidial infection.


Reducing oxidative stress

Reactive oxidative species are produced by the host’s cellular immune response during invasion by Eimeria species. Although this plays a role in defending against parasitic infections, when concentrations exceed a certain level, they cause tissue damage and cytotoxicity. The antioxidant bio-actives within Aflocox® can alleviate excessive oxidative stress.


Ameliorating inflammatory challenge

Upon invasion of Eimeria, a strong inflammatory response is induced which results in destruction of the intestinal villi, diarrhoea, hemorrhage cases and, death in severe cases. The plant bio-actives within Aflocox® reduce the acute inflammatory response during coccidial infection.

Helps to improve coccidiosis control as well as the performance of broilers and turkeys reared:

  • in an antibiotic free environment
  • in conventional systems facing growing resistance to existing inonophores or synthetic treatments
  • fully compatible with coccidial vaccine programs

Download our research article on coccidiosis and Aflocox®, a novel tool towards the management of coccidial risk, as a pdf (ENG) here.



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