Add Essens joined the Innovad Group in January 2021. The company produces fruiticals and naturals based on vegetal raw materials. Each of these has unique properties and is used in a variety of sectors, including cosmetics, food and food supplements. Did you ever wonder what your cosmetics and creams really mean when they advertise ‘natural ingredients’, or ‘natural antioxidants’? Well guess what, Add Essens provides those ingredients. 

Add Essens uses a unique production process and product portfolio of natural antioxidants, that really are natural  and sustainable. They take the waste from juice production, that would normally be thrown away, and make something valuable out of it. After the juice has been pressed out of berries (and fruits) they make lucrative natural antioxidant oils that are used for cosmetic oils and food supplements, but even this process leaves fruit fibers and press cake. However, these are packed with antioxidants that normally aren’t properly valued in the market. In Innovad we can see a real value in these ‘leftovers’ in backing our sustainability agenda, as well as supporting animal health and immunity. Did anyone say win-win? We intend to close a natural circle.

From fruits that in the natural world could be eaten by birds and animals (and humans), we close the circle by extracting the best nature can offer and providing it to our livestock while strengthening the Innovad portfolio of products. 

So next time you drink a red berry juice (in Belgium) know that what is leftover is not being wasted, but is actually going to support the health and welfare of farmed livestock – globally. 

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