Grupo Innovad fortalece sua posição no mercado brasileiro de nutrição animal ao adquirir a Oligo Basics

Cascavel, PR - Brasil, 9 de maio de 2024 – Grupo Innovad, líder global em soluções de nutrição e saúde animal, anuncia a aquisição da Oligo Basics, renomado player no mercado brasileiro de aditivos nutricionais para rações. Este movimento estratégico não apenas reforça a presença do Grupo Innovad no Brasil, mas também sinergiza os extensos portfólios de produtos de ambas as entidades.

Innovad Group strengthens its position in Brazil by acquiring Oligo Basics

Cascavel, PR - Brazil, May 9, 2024 – Innovad Group, a global leader in animal nutrition and health solutions, announces the acquisition of Oligo Basics, a renowned player in Brazil's nutritional feed additives market. This strategic move not only reinforces Innovad Group’s presence in Brazil but also synergizes the extensive product portfolios of both entities.

Innovad presents immune-boosting trial study at the upcoming PFQC

Distinguished Professor Le Van Phan is set to release immune-boosting complex (IBC) trial results during a presentation at the Pig Feed Quality Conference (PFQC) in Ho Chi Minh City. The trial assessed the protective efficacy of an IBC mix against experimentally ASFv-challenged pigs, mitigating the devastating impact of African Swine Fever (ASF) on global pig production, with an already significant impact on commercial farms in Vietnam. 

Innovad & Herbonis forge a strategic alliance with Nuproxa

Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico, 15/4/2024 – Nuproxa Mexico, a leading provider of high-quality, nature-based solutions to advance animal nutrition and health, has entered into an exclusive partnership with Innovad and our Swiss subsidiary Herbonis. This alliance expands Nuproxa's offerings in the Mexican market, introducing innovations such as Panbonis®, a natural and bioactive source of vitamin D3, Escent®, supported by its Myco-Marker biomonitoring tool, and the full range of the Innovad Solution Platform.

Innovad joins hands with partner BVS at PEAK

Together with partner Best Veterinary Solutions (BVS), Innovad is participating in this year’s PEAK, scheduled from April 17-19 in Minneapolis (MN). Hosted by The Midwest Poultry Federation (MPF), PEAK serves as one of the premier annual gatherings for poultry industry professionals in the US. We’re proud to contribute to the event, through our partnership with BVS, and happy to share our knowledge and expertise on key challenges in the poultry sector. 

COALMINERS model tackles chronic intestinal inflammation under real farming conditions

Our novel research model 'COALMINERS' to tackle chronic intestinal inflammation has been accepted for oral presentation at the prestigious International Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health (ICPIH).  As modern poultry broiler production pursues maximum live weight, the industry faces challenges including chronic intestinal inflammation and broader metabolic syndromes. Consequently, there is an urgent demand for realistic models to address these issues and support the poultry industry.

Innovad Group to deliver key presentations at Broiler Feed Quality Conference

Innovad Group is a Golden Sponsor for the upcoming Broiler Feed Quality Conference (BFQC), which promises to be a dynamic and informative gathering of industry experts and professionals. BFQC 2024 will be held in two parts, offering a blend of streamed technical presentations and live discussions, to provide insights into broiler feed quality and production. 

Assessing the impact of a natural emulsifier on broiler performance at the Australian Poultry Science Symposium

At the Australian Poultry Science Symposium (APSS) 2024 in Sydney, Australia, Innovad will share its research findings on the "Improvements in nutrient digestibility and growth performance following the dietary inclusion of a natural emulsifier in broilers fed a corn-wheat-soy-based diet." This study, conducted by Dr. Alireza Khadem, Paul Coquelin, and Dr. Christos Gougoulias, investigates the effects of a natural emulsifier on the performance and nutrient digestibility of broiler chickens.  

Mycotoxin Feed Survey 2023

Mycotoxins produced by fungi contaminate a wide variety of feed ingredients and cause a significant economically negative impact by affecting health status and reducing performance, welfare and profitability of livestock. As part of our stress control platform, Innovad offers our customers the possibility to monitor mycotoxin risk in raw materials and feed. In 2023, our program gathered more than 1,700 samples from thirty-five different countries (40% America; 32% Europe; 18% Asia; 10% MEA). These samples were analyzed using rapid test or LC-MS/MS, both at high sensitivity level. The results of these analyses help us to extract important conclusions about mycotoxins threat levels for the six main mycotoxins in feed and feed ingredients from different geographical regions across the globe. 

Dr. Michael Lilburn reveals how to more accurately evaluate true mycotoxin exposure at IPPE TECHTalk

Innovad is set to reveal a unique in vivo technology that offers the opportunity to more accurately assess mycotoxin exposure and mitigation strategies in the poultry industry during a TECHTalk at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE). Dr. Michael Lilburn, Professor Emeritus of The Ohio State University, will present "The Application of Blood Biomarker Technology to Mycotoxin Awareness and Mitigation" on Thursday, February 1, at 12:30, on the TECHTalk stage in booth A244.

Innovad trial research to be featured at IPSF

Original research addressing two of Innovad’s primary areas of expertise – mycotoxins and gut health – will be highlighted at this year's International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF), the annual scientific meeting held as a forerunner to the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE). Don Ritter, DVM, ACPV, will present the research during the Metabolism & Nutrition VIII session, scheduled for Tuesday, January 30, in room B313.

Tension between feed analysis and biomarkers in mycotoxin risk assessment

Last October, Innovad opened the discussion on mycotoxin risk assessment and the tension between feed analysis and biomarkers. Up to now, raw material and feed analysis have been the sole tool used to evaluate mycotoxin exposure. In consequence, legislative organizations around the world established maximum limits of mycotoxins only in raw materials and feed. This includes just a handful of mycotoxins, based on research of single toxin exposure doses on animal health and performance. However, the real impact of mycotoxins on animal performance, the synergistic effect of multi-toxin exposure and the efficacy of different types of products, are hard to evaluate.

Reducing exposure to chemical contaminants in grains and feed

Chemical contaminants are substances that are unintentionally present in grains and feed, stemming from various stages of production, processing, or storage. Some can also result from environmental contamination. The most relevant contaminants of concern are pesticides and mycotoxins, and their detection in feed can vary depending on factors such as geographic location, crop types, and agricultural practices.

Saving feed costs and optimizing metabolic efficiency, nutrient digestibility, growth performance meat quality and broiler welfare

The poultry industry faces everincreasing challenges in optimising production efficiency while keeping costs under control. Among the critical factors influencing profitability, dietary energy stands out as a major component. Due to their high energy density, fats and oils are commonly added in broiler diets to meet energy requirements. However, ensuring efficient fat utilisation poses a significant challenge due to the complexity of the digestion process.

Biomarker analysis: busting the mycotoxin myth in dairy

Ruminant diets are associated with an increased risk of mycotoxin exposure compared to monogastric animals with a less varied diet. Recent evidence confirmed cows have the greatest exposure to mycotoxins, in part because of high forage contamination. However, there is the common misbelief that ruminants are not susceptible to mycotoxins as they are naturally protected against mycotoxins.

Invitation mycotoxin event

Open session on October 9th in Antwerp to discuss the current discrepancies between feed analysis, biomarkers and the impact on animal health. Register now.

Dr. Don Ritter, DVM, to speak at PSA Annual Meeting (USA)

The field of poultry health continues to evolve with new challenges and opportunities emerging every day. To shed light on the latest strategies for disease prevention and control, the Poultry Science Association (PSA) Annual Meeting will be held on July 10-13, 2023 in Philadelphia, USA. We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Don Ritter, DVM, Poultry Technical Manager at Innovad, has been invited to share his expertise during a symposium at PSA. 

Streptococcus suis is an increasing problem after the EU ban on therapeutic levels of zinc oxide

Infection with S. suis is one of the main causes of death during the post-weaning period from 5 to 10 weeks of age (Segura et al., 2016). The disease has a strong negative economic impact on the swine industry. It leads to increased medication (prevention & treatment), mortality, and decreased performance. 

Unraveling the impact of mycotoxins on gut health: Implications for animal performance

The deleterious effects of mycotoxins on different systems and organs such as the liver or the reproductive system have been described in detail, while the impact on the intestine has hardly been discussed. However, the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), as a filter against harmful toxins, is particularly affected by mycotoxins that alter intestinal integrity, modify absorption and digestion process, modulate immune responses, and change the microbiome.   

Innovad’s MBC Masterclasses for poultry professionals

Innovad regularly organizes classroom and practical sessions from top academics and field experts around the world on mycotoxin management, gut health and coccidiosis. Learn how these different issues connect together and impact your bird’s performance and how to prevent and solve them.

Innovad acquires Herbonis

Antwerp — Innovad®, a leading provider of animal nutrition and health solutions, is pleased to announce that it is acquiring all the shares of Herbonis a Swiss-based company and its affiliates, including Wyreside in the UK. The acquisition aims to strengthen Innovad’s portfolio of natural speciality feed ingredients and align with its strategy of expanding into primary ingredients. Herbonis is recognised as a leader in a niche market and Panbonis, a product containing the plant-based source of the metabolic active form of Vitamin D, represents a unique and highly technical product with proven health benefits in poultry, swine and dairy. From its inception, Innovad has been formulating its products with plant based ingredients and this acquisition will strengthen its position — adding capacity and knowledge to support the growth in its botanicals, nutraceuticals product portfolio.

Natural solutions in coccidial risk management can buy you time

Coccidiosis is a well-known and very well documented problem in the poultry production in terms of the causative agent, the ethyology and symptomatology. Obviously the question arises: why do we struggle to really control this problem we know all about? Inevitably aAll birds will contact it at one point of their short production life. And the key word is “short”. Due to the very short production life and many factors affecting performance negatively, it´s like everything in the poultry farm is trying to give us a hard time to raise these broilers efficiently and economically.

Oral presentation at EAVPT Congress in Bruges

EAVPT, the Executive Committee of the European Association of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology, will organize its 15th International Congress, from Sunday 2 July to Wednesday 5 July 2023 in Bruges (Belgium).  Dr. Arnau Vidal, Innovad's mycotoxin and stress expert, will give a presentation at the congress, titled: "The first extensive bio-monitoring mycotoxin exposure survey in livestock animals reveals significant exposure to multi-mycotoxins."

Poultry World webinar on Coccidiosis

Coccidiosis and especially its mitigation and prevention is top of mind of every poultry producer in the world. The disease has a major economic impact: the total estimated loss is calculated at a gross €10 billion on an annual basis. Join the free webinar featuring Dr. Attila Kovacs, Global Intestinal Health Category Manager at Innovad, on April 13th at 15.00 CET. 

Visit us at ESPN 2023 in Italy

Innovad will one of the gold sponsors at  ESPN (European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition) in Remini (Italy) from 21st to 24th June 2023. 

Meet us at ESPHM 2023 in Greece

Innovad will be present as a sponsor at  the European Symposium of Porcine Health Management (ESPHM) in Thessaloniki (Greece) from May 31 to June 2 2023.

Innovad Mycotoxin Feed Survey 2022

Mycotoxins produced by fungi contaminate a wide variety of feed ingredients and cause a significant economically negative impact by affecting health status and reducing performance, welfare and profitability of livestock. As part of our stress control platform, Innovad offers our customers the possibility to monitor the mycotoxin risk in raw materials and feed. Through this program during 2022 we received samples from twenty-four different countries (42% America; 39% Europe; 14% Asia; 5% MEA) that were analysed using rapid test or LC-MS/MS, both at high sensitivity level.

Visit us at VIV Asia 2023

You can find Innovad at booth 4450 during VIV Asia in Bangkok (Thailand) from 8th to 10th March 2023. 

Innovad will present its research on 'Chronic Gut Inflammation and its alleviation with Lumance' at IPSF (IPPE)

Innovad is delighted that its high-quality scientific work on chronic gut inflammation has been selected for an oral presentation, next week at the International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF) which runs in parallel with IPPE. Dr. Don Ritter, Sr. Poultry Technical Manager Innovad USA, will present some novel insights on poultry chronic (low-grade) intestinal inflammation, under real farming conditions, as well as its alleviation for the benefit of growth, with the use of in-feed technologies (Lumance®).

IPPE 2023 in Atlanta (USA)

Innovad is one of the exhibitors at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) from 24th to 26th January 2023. The forum presents information on industry topics such as environmental management, nutrition, physiology, pathology, processing and products, and avian diseases.

Meet us at EuroTier 2022

Innovad is one of the exhibitors at Eurotier 2022 in Hanover (Germany) which will take place from November 15th-18th. EuroTier is one of the world's leading trade fairs for animal husbandry and livestock management.  Solutions and innovations for cattle, pig and poultry farming, but also sheep and goats, pension horses, aquaculture, alternative proteins will be presented during the exhibition.

Meet us at booth C42 in Hall 23. 



A novel tool towards the management of coccidial risk

Coccidiosis is the single most economically devastating disease in modern poultry production worldwide. The disease affects particularly younger birds and can spread rapidly between animals within the same flock after contact with infected droppings. The aetiology is pathogenic endoparasitic Eimeria species, in particular Eimeria maxima, E. acervulina and E. tenella and each of which affects distinct areas of the intestinal tract. Severe cases are characterized by macroscopic lesions due to the destruction of the intestinal epithelia, a series of immunological responses, reduced feed efficiency and even mortality. However, even subclinical coccidiosis (where birds are disease-free) is responsible for reduced profitability due to reduced feed efficiency and increased mortality.

Discover the taste of success

At Innovad, we know a thing or two about taste. In fact, we have been developing intense and long-lasting flavors to improve feed palatability for many years. This way, we succeed in encouraging higher feed intake and optimizing your animals’ performance every day. Join us on the Innovad booth at EuroTier 2022 for beers and cheers.

Mycotoxin biomarkers: discovering the real mycotoxin impact in Asian farms

Innovad in collaboration with Ghent University (Belgium) conducted research that validated the detection of 36 mycotoxin biomarkers in the bloodstream using FTA cards (Lauwers et al., 2019). The validated method offers the possibility, in an easy system, to measure for the first time the impact on animal health and performance.

The importance of vitamins and minerals in alleviating heat stress

Heat stress has increasingly become more severe over the last decade, and it affects the animal farming industry globally with huge economic losses. Heat stress can occur irrespective of animal species, immune status or age with a number of important physiological consequences that require immediate attention to prevent economic loss, disease and even animal death.

MYTOX-SOUTH® conference 2022

Innovad will present the preliminary biomonitoring results from African farms at the 3rd African Symposium on Mycotoxicology, organized by the African Society of Mycotoxicology (ASM) and MYTOX-SOUTH®. Innovad, the University of Ghent and our distributor in South Africa Envarto have been biomonitoring mycotoxin risk in poultry, pig and ruminant farms to - for the first time - elucidate actual mycotoxin exposure.

Heat stress: Mitigation strategies and nutritional solutions

Are your farm animals showing symptoms of heat stress? Poultry, as well as pigs and ruminants can be seriously affected by extreme temperatures  and need further support against the consequences of heat stress to prevent economic loss, decreased productivity and health problems.

Heat stress: Impact on animal health, revenue and productivity

Heat stress can occur in all farm animal species, whether it’s pigs, ruminants or poultry. There are numerous physiological consequences that require immediate attention to prevent economic loss, disease and even death.

Innovad Event Paris 2022: Biomarkers in modern poultry production

As a bronze sponsor of the World's Poultry Congress 2022 in Paris, Innovad® wants to share its knowledge and experiences of bringing innovative and effective solutions from the laboratory to the field. We are very proud to have 4 excellent posters at WPC this August, illustrating our scientific expertise in optimizing animal production. We are very pleased to invite you to our exclusive event on August 9th in Paris, during which we will be sharing the newest insights from both academic and applied research on promising bio-marker technologies.

Heat stress: Why is environmental control so important in animal farming?

Heat stress has increasingly become more severe over the last decade and it affects the animal farming industry globally with huge economic losses. Heat waves increase the chances of livestock experiencing heat stress, especially when night-time temperatures remain high, and animals are unable to cool off. Extreme temperatures - hot and cold - across the globe are getting more frequent and intense. Unfortunately, the damaging consequences of heat stress in animal production and health are expected to continue and intensify in the future, especially if thermotolerance and climate adaptation practices are not addressed. Thus, farm animals are seriously affected by extreme temperatures and need further support against the consequences of heat stress. 

World Mycotoxin Forum 2022

As a leader in mycotoxin mitigation strategies, Innovad will be present in the World Mycotoxin Forum next week in Parma (Italy). The preliminary results from the first extensive feed and blood survey in livestock performed in collaboration with Ghent University will be presented.

World's Poultry Congress 2022

Come visit Innovad  at the 26th World's Poultry Congress, held in Paris, from 7th-11th August 2022. 

Innovad® Group acquires Scentarom

Innovad Group is pleased to announce that it has acquired Scentarom, expert developer and 
manufacturer of feed flavours and fragrances, through its Innotek holding.  Innovad has acquired the totality of the shares of Scentarom. The acquisition is part of the ambitious growth strategy in sustainable and natural solutions Innovad has developed over the last years. From its start Innovad has always been producing flavours and this acquisition will strengthen the position as primary producer and adding capacity to support the growth in feed palatability and essential oil products.

Asian AgriBiz’ Online Layer Feed Quality Conference

Innovad is participating in Asian AgriBiz’ Layer Feed Quality Conference. The online event takes place on three consecutive Wednesdays in May, starting 11 May 2022, with a very strong line up of technical, nutritional and scientific layer feed topics. Innovad’s Global Technical Manager and mycotoxins and stress expert, Dr. Arnau Vidal, will give a presentation on May 11th titled ‘How to manage potentially contaminated alternative ingredients’ on significant new technical findings in commercial layers and Myco-Marker®, Innovad’s Animal-Driven Mycotoxin Diagnostic & Biomonitoring Service.

Global Business Development Plan

Innovad is driven to help animals live a healthier life, so they can achieve their fullest productive potential with the smallest global footprint. To do that we aim to be a global leader in creating innovative solutions that can be trusted to optimize animal performance, while still being able to offer protein producers economically sensible solutions. To reach that goal we keep strengthening our team in core areas that we deem to be vital to the growth and development of the animal protein industry. Therefore, we are happy to announce that Jeroen De Gussem has joined Innovad Group as Global Business Development Director. 

International Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health in Colombia

The International Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health will be held in the beautiful city of Cartagena at the Caribbean coast of Colombia from March 30th to April 1st as a hybrid event (live or online attendance). Keynote presentations by internationally renowned speakers will provide the latest scientific information with room for short communications, discussion and networking.

Innovad Mycotoxin Feed Survey 2021

As part of Innovad’s stress control platform, we offer the possibility to monitor the mycotoxin risk in raw materials and feed. Last year, we received samples from twenty-four different countries through this program. These samples were analysed using rapid test or LC-MS/MS, both at high sensitivity level. The results of these analyses help us to extract important conclusions about mycotoxin threat levels for the six main mycotoxins (deoxynivalenol, aflatoxins, fumonisins, zearalenone, ochratoxin A and T-2) in feed and feed ingredients from the different geographical regions across the globe.

RISE® Program: Case of the month

Many farms around the world are taking the decision to trust in the RISE® program to manage mycotoxin risk. Because of its big success, Innovad® wants to share some real cases where our RISE® program has been applied. Thus, every month a different case is detailed here to explain how RISE® program has helped producers from around the world to tackle mycotoxin exposure.




VLAIO R&D Project Award

The Flemish Agency for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO), has recently approved an R&D Proposal that Innovad and Add Essens submitted jointly. The acronym of the Project OXIDATION stands for nOvel antioXidant In-feeD technologies for Animal health & performance from green bio-wasTe  – a complete cIrcular ecONomy Project. As per the full definition of the OXIDATION acronym, the Project aims to build novel 100% natural solutions for animal farming from green biowaste, taking advantage Addessens’s unique expertise in the processing and extraction of berry fruits and Innovad’s expertise and positioning within the animal feed additives sector. 

Poultry World webinar on Chronic gut inflammation in Broilers

For the modern producer, chronic low-grade gut inflammation has a negative impact on the productivity of the operation. Often unseen clinically, but definitely felt economically, it impairs the animals’ ability to absorb nutrients, grow and reach their genetic potential. In this webinar Innovad is proud to share their own cutting-edge research on this important topic and their novel model to demonstrate chronic gut inflammation and how it can be tackled.

Webinar: Advanced Water Applications Improve Animal Performance

Latest updates on water applications in the Philippines, cost saving, natural and multi-functional powerful performance products from Innovad.
Key speakers are Milena Sevastiyanova, Paul Coquelin and Dr Alex Fernandez.

Innovad® supports WAPA (War Affected People's Association)

Innovad is a longtime supporter of WAPA International (War Affected People Organisation). WAPA fights against the use of children in armed conflict and supports their reintegration into a stronger community. 

International Animal Intestinal Ecology and Health Summit (China)

Innovad is participating in China’s 7th International Animal Intestinal Ecology and Health Summit Forum on December 15th. Dr. Milena Sevastiyanova (DVM), our Global Technical Lead, will give an online presentation about the evaluation of holistic and synergistic modes of action of a complex AGP alternative formula of SCFAs, MCFAs, essential oils and plant extracts. Her speech will start at 14:30 (China Time; GMT +8) and will end around 15:15. Afterwards, she will answer all of your questions about Lumance®, our Performance and Gut Health Optimiser.  

Innovad Group further strengthens its relationship with sustainable companies

The acquisition of Add Essens, which has a clear sustainable approach by valorizing side streams from the fruit juice industry, was a starting point for the Innovad group to contribute to a more circular economy. Our team is continuously searching to improve the carbon footprint of our industry. This is achieved by improving the technical performance of the animals in the field with our different product lines on one hand and on the other hand by sourcing more local ingredients that are produced with minimum environmental impact. 

PODCAST: Biomarker analysis adds new layer to mycotoxin monitoring

Our unique service, Myco-Marker, is catching a lot of interest everywhere. For this reason, Feed Strategy gave us the opportunity to do a podcast discussing the main results obtained using Myco-Marker as >1,000 animals have been analysed so far. The main points discussed during the podcast are the following.

Innovad presenting at the Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals (USA)

Innovad presented three pieces of work at the prestigious Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals held October 31–November 3, 2021, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA’.

The Philippine Feedmill Virtual Summit

Our company is honored to have been invited as one of the panelists at the upcoming Philippine Feedmill Virtual Summit this November 25-26. This industry event will take place via Zoom and Facebook Live from 1 PM-5 PM (PH).

Innovad at the FeedInfo Summit held in Geneva

The FeedInfo Summit held in Geneva is the first of its kind within our industry focused on shaping the future of the animal nutrition and feed industry. It was an opportunity for industry leaders in the animal nutrition and feed industry to get together to address some of the biggest issues our industry is facing today.

AddEssens joins research project InnCoCells

AddEssens is joining the InnCoCells research project to develop sustainable production systems for plant-derived cosmetic ingredients. InnCoCells is an EU-funded Horizon 2020 project developing safe and sustainable plant derived cosmetic ingredients with scientifically proven effects.

Research on Aflocox® accepted at the Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals (USA)

Innovad has recently developed Aflocox®, a novel 100% natural phytogenic technology, based on in-house extraction capabilities, aiding the control of coccidiosis in modern poultry production.

Innovad set for strong growth

Innovad initiated major investments in our facilities just 4 months after the acquisition by IK Investment Partners. With the planned investments Innovad is setting the stage to become your global partner in gut health, immunity and mycotoxin management solutions based on natural ingredients, to the next level. 

Chronic gut inflammation – a hidden cost

For the modern producer, chronic low-grade intestinal inflammation has a negative impact on the productivity of the operation. Often unseen clinically, but definitely felt economically, it impairs the animals’ ability to absorb nutrients, grow and reach their genetic potential.

Emerging Mycotoxins: significantly present, highly toxic, and mostly undetected in vivo – until now

For the first time it is possible to achieve what the scientific community for a long time theorized as the best method to correctly assess the true exposure of animals to mycotoxins, by detecting them and their metabolites in bodily fluids, in this case blood. Thanks to the Myco-marker® Diagnostic Service, the novel findings demonstrate that current practices for detecting mycotoxin risk in feed alone, are not up to the task.

Event: Vitafoods Europe in Geneva and online

AddEssens will be one of the exhibitors at Vitafoods Europe. Focusing on the circular economy, AddEssens utilizes raw materials from the fruit pulp industry and is a key partner within the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and animal health sectors as a provider of natural sustainable ingredients. With over 15 years of market experience, AddEssens has a core focus on extraction technologies and the intellectual know how of advanced methodologies such as supercritical CO2 extraction, cold press oil extraction and water/ethanol extraction for the organic extraction of plants, fruits and oil seeds.

Add Essens: new to Innovad Group

Add Essens joined the Innovad Group in January 2021. The company produces fruiticals and naturals based on vegetal raw materials. Each of these has unique properties and is used in a variety of sectors, including cosmetics, food and food supplements. Did you ever wonder what your cosmetics and creams really mean when they advertise ‘natural ingredients’, or ‘natural antioxidants’? Well guess what, Add Essens provides those ingredients. 

Myco-Marker® e-conference: Measuring true exposure to mycotoxins, specific to your own farm – new data from Philippines

Innovad® is organizing a follow-up webinar about true exposure to mycotoxins and our patent pending technology Myco-Marker®. After the successful e-conference last April announcing the science-based RISE® Platform, our team haven’t been standing still. During the months of June and July feed and blood samples were collected from various swine and poultry farms in the Philippines and by using the diagnostic and biomonitoring service Myco-Marker®, real mycotoxin risk was examined. The latest data are educational as well as fascinating.

Care and Trust in the Republic of Nepal

Innovad and Medvet Pharma Pvt. Ltd. are joining efforts to bring innovative solutions for animal feed and to address species-specific challenges with newly emerging solutions that rely less on medication. Whether you are a nutritionist, veterinarian or producer, we offer solutions for you that reduce disease, improve animal well-being and create a healthy environment. 

Innovad and Enovet launch joint E-Conference about the smarter use of Butyric Acids

Innovad® Group and Enovet Inc., have embarked on a new journey together and have teamed up to bring Esterified Butyrates to the Philippines. Natural production of Butyric Acids in young animal has limitations, smarter use of supplemented Butyric Acids is widely known to benefit intestinal health with multiple modes of action. Our joint e-conference and knowledge sharing event is a perfect opportunity to listen, ask questions and see the why esterification of butyric acids is the smart choice.

5 exciting discoveries made about mycotoxins since the launch of the RISE® Platform

For over four years Innovad® researched together with Ghent University on the development of an in vivo testing method for mycotoxins. The result of this research is the RISE® Platform.

Innovad Asia Pacific's first e-Conference about Mycotoxin Analysis in blood

Innovad® in collaboration with Ghent University (Belgium) launched a new diagnostics service called Myco-Marker® to transform completely the way to perform mycotoxin risk assessment combining feed and blood analysis. Thus, Myco-Marker® allows for the first time to know the real mycotoxin exposure.

Innovad reaches the semi-finals of the Tech Rocketship Awards Europe

Innovad was one of  three companies to reach the semi-final in the category ‘Feeding Nations’ of the Tech Rocketship Awards Europe.  Our outgoing CEO, Jamal AlSaifi, Head of Innovation, Christos Gougoulias, and Helen Stebbens, our Sales Manager for the UK & Ireland, did a wonderful job at representing the Company and were proud to be selected as one of 24 companies out of the 650 entries to proceed to the semi-final.

Innovad® will be acquired by IK Investment Partners

Innovad®, a global supplier of animal health and nutrition solutions, is pleased to announce that it will be acquired by IK Investment Partners (“IK”) through its IK IX Fund. IK is acquiring the majority of the shares from the founders of Innovad.

Innovad supports WAPA - War Affected People's Association

This year Innovad is again proud to support WAPA (War-Affected People's Association).
We wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2021!

RISE®: Combat Mycotoxin Related Stress

Stress factors such as animal handling, sudden environmental changes, feeding programs & diets change-over, vaccination,  disease challenges, infections, impaired immune response, are affecting animal health and productivity.


Webinar: Testing mycotoxin detoxifiers efficacy in livestock blood

Prof. Dr. Mathias Devreese and Dr. Arnau Vidal will explain how biomarker analysis can be a powerful tool to evaluate the true exposure of animals to mycotoxins.

Innovad hires Technical Commercial Manager in Russia

Tigran Grantovich Aydinyan will be joining Innovad's local team in Russia. His broad experience in the field of animal nutrition and deep knowledge of the feed, poultry and swine market is of great contribution to our long term commitment to the Russian market.

Field Trial: Alleviating chronic gut inflammation in broilers

Chronic gut inflammation often seen in field conditions is due to the synergistic & additive negative impact of several stress factors. It can cause a reduction in growth up to 30%. We conducted a trial that demonstrated Lumance® alleviated ‘chronic gut inflammation’ induced by a dietary challenge.

New faces on board at Innovad

Innovad has welcomed four new members to its global sales and technical teams.

Webinar: Controlling chronic inflammation with feed additives

Dr. Michael Kogut and Dr. Christos Gougoulias will explain how stress factors can trigger chronic inflammation and tell more about the anti-inflammatory properties of feed additives.

Innovad acquires Eco Treasures

Innovad announces the acquisition of Eco Treasures, an innovative company specialized in the extraction of natural raw materials and Eco-friendly processes.

Myco-Marker™: Evaluate the TRUE Mycotoxin Risk of your own Animals

Innovad launches Myco-Marker™ at IPPE and MVC: A patent pending diagnostic tool consisting of a blood & impact analysis and a feed risk assessment.

Innovad supports WAPA - War Affected People's Association

Innovad is again supporting WAPA (War-Affected People's Association) this year.
Wishing you all a joyful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2020!

The science behind Lumance®: Intestinal health and antibiotic replacement

Let's talk about science!
Our Innovation Team has generated valuable evidence on the effectiveness of our main platform for intestinal health and antibiotic replacement: Lumance®.

Innovad announces research collaboration with Texas A&M and USDA

Innovad is pleased to announce a 3-year PhD research collaboration with Texas A&M and USDA to establish a chronic gut inflammation/gut dysbiosis model in chickens.

Biomarkers for mycotoxin exposure in livestock – A unique new service

A 4-year PhD research project with the University of Ghent (Belgium) on the use of biomarkers for mycotoxin exposure in livestock has come to an end. Innovad will translate this research into a UNIQUE SERVICE for its CLIENTS that opens for the first time the possibility of measuring the true impact of Escent® S in animals through biomonitoring. 

New study shows positive impact of Lumance® on the intestinal barrier function

Stressors like pathogens and toxins increase the gut permeability leading often to chronic inflammation and disease such as Necrotic Enteritis in poultry, post weaning diarrhea in piglets and calves. Innovad® tested and proved the efficacy of Lumance® using the Transepithelial Electrical Resistance (TEER) technique, a well-established model for studying intestinal barrier functions.

Innovad poster presentation from Zero Zinc Summit 2019

Innovad’s abstract entitled “Simultaneous replacement of ZnO and antibiotics with a natural non-antibiotic growth promoter (Lumance®) to prevent Post Weaning Diarrhoea and maintain performance in pigs in field conditions in Spain” was accepted as a poster presentation for Zero Zinc Summit 2019, Copenhagen.

Innovad develops the first high concentration stable liquid vitamin solution

Heat stress continues to have a deleterious effect on the animal’s health and welfare, resulting in huge economic losses. Innovad's vitalite C12 offers a stable liquid solution to combat heat stress and aid the animal's immune system.
A study to check the stability this product has recently come to an end.

Alleviating toxin related stress and biomonitoring its impact

Farm animals are confronted with several sources of stress which, particularly in combination with toxins, impacts the animal's health and performance. The industry is in need of more holistic approaches that can tackle more than one challenge in real life conditions.

Webinar: New ways to prevent mycotoxins

Innovad’s Christos Gougoulias (Head of Innovation) talks about ways to alleviate toxin related stress and biomonitoring its impact on the animal during the All About Feed webinar on new ways to prevent mycotoxins.

Biomonitoring research accepted for peer-reviewed publication

The first peer reviewed paper generated by Marianne Lauwers as part of a PhD Program on biomonitoring mycotoxins is accepted for publication by the highly ranked Journal of Toxins.

Restoring human dignity for a happy 2019

Innovad supports WAPA (War Affected People's Association), an NGO that raises funds to support small local organizations that help reintegrate victims of war. 

Looking back at Eurotier 2018

Innovad was present at the Eurotier fair that took place in Hannover from 13 – 16 November 2018.

Looking back at a great event!

Innovad builds trust with new hires in key domains

Innovad is pleased to announce new employees in their business development, innovation and logistic departments.