Our unique service, Myco-Marker, is catching a lot of interest everywhere. For this reason, Feed Strategy gave us the opportunity to do a podcast discussing the main results obtained using Myco-Marker as >1,000 animals have been analysed so far. The main points discussed during the podcast were:

  • Mycotoxin biomarker analysis is the correct technique to know the real mycotoxin exposure: feed analysis has some limitations (heterogenous distribution, masked mycotoxins, …), therefore, it is not possible to know the real exposure. Science concluded that biomarker analysis is the correct technique to determine the real exposure. For this reason, Innovad validated and patented a biomarker analysis to determine up to 36 mycotoxin biomarkers from a one drop of blood per animal. The analysis is offered through Myco-Marker service.
  • Myco-Marker elucidates the real mycotoxin impact: Myco-Marker combines feed analysis (16 mycotoxins) + blood analysis (36 biomarkers in a FTA card) + health status evaluation. Thanks to our expertise, the correlation between mycotoxin exposure and health status is elucidated. All this information is shared in detail with the clients through a meeting.
  • Innovad offers a complete mycotoxin control: Myco-Marker is combined with other monitoring tools, from raw materials to the farm. For this reason, Innovad offers the possibility to perform rapid test in raw materials, LC-MS/MS analysis in raw materials + feed and mycotoxin biomarker analysis in the farm. Thus, our clients have our exclusive support to control mycotoxins in each step of the feed/animal production.
  • Binders must be tested in vivoin vitro binding test offers a first indication about binding capacity, however, in vitro results do not indicate how the binder will work in the animal. Even EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) said that binders must be tested in vivo as in vitro test do not mimic enough the real conditions. Innovad was the first company to demonstrate that Escent reduces the systemic exposure, in other words, Escent reduces the mycotoxin levels in the biological fluids under a high multi-mycotoxin exposure. Therefore, Innovad is sure that Escent protect animals from mycotoxin exposure. These results, with a high scientific value, are very unique and they were published in peer reviewed journals.
  • Mycotoxin biomarkers analysed in >1,000 animals: Myco-Marker allowed to capture, for the first time, the real mycotoxin exposure. More than 1,000 animals have been tested and it is possible to obtain information of the real mycotoxin exposure:
    • Multi-Mycotoxin risk is everywhere: all studied farms had presence of mycotoxins, and most of them (>98%) had 2 or more mycotoxins. The co-exposure increases the toxic impact.
    • Added value of blood analysis: 80% of the cases would have been completely missed if only feed was analysed.
    • Emerging mycotoxins are the predominant ones: emerging mycotoxins, like tenuazonic acid, enniatins, … were the predominant ones. No one is analysing these mycotoxins, although they are the most frequent ones, it means that if they are not analysed, part of the mycotoxin risk is ignored. Innovad offers the possibility to analyse them in the blood.
    • Correlation between mycotoxin exposure and animal health: Myco-Marker can detect the impact in the animal health status and performance. Thus, correlations between clinical symptoms and mycotoxin exposure were detected.


You will find the podcast and its transcription via this link: PODCAST: Biomarker analysis adds new layer to mycotoxin monitoring | Feed Strategy.