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Mycotoxins and stress control

Tension between feed analysis and biomarkers in mycotoxin risk assessment

Last October, Innovad opened the discussion on mycotoxin risk assessment and the tension between feed analysis and biomarkers. Up to now, raw material and feed analysis have been the sole tool used to evaluate mycotoxin exposure. In consequence, legislative organizations around the world established maximum limits of mycotoxins only in raw materials and feed. This includes just a handful of mycotoxins, based on research of single toxin exposure doses on animal health and performance. However, the real impact of mycotoxins on animal performance, the synergistic effect of multi-toxin exposure and the efficacy of different types of products, are hard to evaluate.

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Streptococcus suis

Streptococcus suis is an increasing problem after the EU ban on therapeutic levels of zinc oxide

Infection with S. suis is one of the main causes of death during the post-weaning period from 5 to 10 weeks of age (Segura et al., 2016). The disease has a strong negative economic impact on the swine industry. It leads to increased medication (prevention & treatment), mortality, and decreased performance. 

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Innovad’s MBC Masterclasses for poultry professionals

Innovad regularly organizes classroom and practical sessions from top academics and field experts around the world on mycotoxin management, gut health and coccidiosis. Learn how these different issues connect together and impact your bird’s performance and how to prevent and solve them.

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Natural solutions in coccidial risk management can buy you time

Coccidiosis is a well-known and very well documented problem in the poultry production in terms of the causative agent, the ethyology and symptomatology. Obviously the question arises: why do we struggle to really control this problem we know all about? Inevitably aAll birds will contact it at one point of their short production life. And the key word is “short”. Due to the very short production life and many factors affecting performance negatively, it´s like everything in the poultry farm is trying to give us a hard time to raise these broilers efficiently and economically.

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Intestinal health solution to lower medication and improve performance

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Escent® S

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A novel tool towards the management of coccidial risk



Improve digestion

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