Attracting Taste

Innovad has developed a line of intense palatants that improve feed palatability attracting animals to feed.

Our products help optimize animal performance by encouraging higher and consistent feed intake.

Feed intake and palatability

Optimal feed intake is crucial for consumption of the necessary amounts of essential nutrients. Throughout their life cycle, animals are subject to different causes of stress such as feed formulation changes linked to fluctuation of raw material use and quality. Also, continuous improvement in breeding has led to animals with high genetic potential. Under such conditions animals tend to reduce feed consumption, which in turn reduces their performance.

Feed, even with high nutritional, health promoting values is not consumed in proper amounts if it does not have the desirable smell and taste. Scent and taste are the most powerful stimuli of the animal’s chemical senses which initiate reflex secretory phenomena, leading to increased feed efficiency.

Attractants are organoleptic additives developed according to the animal’s taste and smell physiology. they are based on natural and natural-identical substances that improve, correct and reinforce the feed's natural smell and taste, stimulating consumption, growth and production.

Why use attractants?

  • To create in the animal a positive association between scent and feed. Thus, to stimulate feed consumption.
  • To trigger an increase of the digestive secretions via conditioned reflexes, preparing the gut for better digestion.
  • To mask unpleasant odors from minerals, antibiotics or by-products.
  • To provide a homogenous aromatic finishing.
  • To avoid alarm reactions associated with formulation changes.
  • To ease the early weaning process of young animals.


As a basic producer of flavours Innovad® has developed a line of intense palatants with long lasting effect that attract animals to feed, improve feed palatability and encourage higher feed intake. Thus, optimizing the animal’s performance. Let your animals taste the result of our expertise. Discover our range of feed attractants and get in touch. Discover our range of feed attractants or request a trial with our flavours expert and Global Business Manager Attractants Christophe Guilbert.


Innovad attractants (Cibus and Tasty Attract) are complex products, made from carefully assembled and numerous active principles.
Innovad sweeteners (Mellis) are palatability agents that are not linked to odour.




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