Increase early intake and feed palatability

Feed Attractants

Innovad® attractants (Cibus) are complex products, made from a variety of carefully assembled active components including terpenes, aldehydes and alcohols in a highly concentrated form having – depending on the need and purpose – an aromatic, taste and taste sensitivity modifying fraction.

Specific expertise in developing and applying attractants

With its dedicated manufacturing facility and professional laboratory with flavourists and product application specialists, Innovad® develops and manufactures aromatic extract bases to respond to identified needs applied into a variety of substrates (I.e. mineral feed, concentrates, pelleted and extruded feeds, vitamin/mineral premixes). With our laboratories – specialized in analyzing odours with analytical techniques – as well as state-of-the-art production facilities, we master the whole process. From the very creation concept, over the choice of right raw materials, considering the very specific need for the final attractant extract, ready to be used. Great art and care are key in selecting and assembling aromatic chemicals with high boiling points, chemical stabilizers and taste enhancing components.

Equally important are the numerous panel tests evaluating the aroma within its substrate, challenged with granulation, heat or humidity to assess the practical value of such attractants in real life. In vivo free choice tests, robot milking experiments, field studies and efficacy controls are carried out on a continuous basis to always seek the most cost-effective solution.


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