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Overcoming Challenges

Ruminant producers world-wide are confronted with numerous challenges:

  • High costs of raw materials and feed ingredients;
  • Great variability in prices for milk products, cheese and meat;
  • Constant pressure on providing high quality, safe end products;
  • Increased production level;
  • Metabolic challenges;
  • Constant seek for higher feed efficiency.

These technical challenges affect directly the ruminant health and well-being, noticeably during the most stressful periods:  the early life stages of the calf and the cow transition period and early lactation.

Innovad’s high-end coating techniques and expertise assure that the maximum amount of protected nutrients is capable of by-passing rumen fermentation and remains available in the small intestine.

Becerro recién nacido

Calves are often subject to stress and disease, making a good nutrient and cow-calf management strategy a must. The immune system of calves at birth is somewhat developed but still very immature and digestive problems are common in calves between birth and weaning.


Different types of stress and mycotoxins can make beef cows suffer from reduced feed intake, reduced reproduction and reduced immunity. These elements combined with the increasing regulation that restricts the usage of antibiotics is a serious challenge for the beef industry.


Stress resulting in oxidative stress is linked to higher somatic cell counts, lower milk yield, poorer reproduction performance, mastitis and metritis. A multi-functional approach to maintain and stabilize the health of the cow naturally is our aim.


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