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A healthy herd

The entire dairy industry, including consulting nutritionists, veterinarians and producers, strive to keep their herd in good health knowing that healthy cows are able to cope better with stress, especially with potentially contaminated feedstuff. Stress resulting in oxidative stress is linked to higher somatic cell counts, lower milk yield, poorer reproduction performance, mastitis and metritis. A multi-functional approach to maintain and stabilize the health of the cow naturally is our aim.

Dry matter intake is basic for efficient animal production. Feed intake is necessary for high producing animals to meet their energy and protein requirements. Taste is one of the most powerful stimuli of the animal’s chemical sense that will initiate re ex secretory phenomena leading to increased feed intake.

Innovad’s high-end coating techniques and expertise assure that the maximum amount of protected nutrients is capable of by-passing rumen fermentation and remains available in the small intestine.

Take a look at the solutions below to learn how Innovad can help with a healthy herd that produces more milk.

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