Tasty Attract

Dry matter intake & palatability

Feed intake and palatability

Dry matter intake is basic for efficient animal production. Feed intake is necessary for high producing animals to meet their energy and protein requirements. Taste is one of the most powerful stimuli of the animal’s chemical sense that will initiate reflex secretory phenomena leading to increased feed intake.

Tasty Attract is specifically formulated to increase taste characteristics in animal feeds. Great art and care is KEY in the selecting and assembling of chemicals with high boiling points, chemical stabilizer and taste enhancing components. It is made from carefully assembled and numerous active principles distributed among terpenes, aldehydes and alcohols in a highly concentrated form having, depending on the need and purpose, a taste and a taste sensitivity modifying fraction.


  • More consistent dry matter intake
  • Masks bitter tastes
  • Enhances feed palatability and stimulates feed intake
  • Allows formulation changes to keep feed aromatic profile intact
  • Stimulates digestive secretions via conditioned reflexes, preparing the animal for digestion
  • Improves visiting rate to automatic milking systems
Tasty Attract

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