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RISE®: Combat Mycotoxin Related Stress

Stress factors such as animal handling, sudden environmental changes, feeding programs and diets change-over, vaccination,  disease challenges, infections, impaired immune response, are affecting animal health and productivity.

Animals possess a limited natural resistance and immunity against such stresses leading often to oxidative stress, when the animal is no longer capable of detoxifying timely the reactive oxygen species at cellular level. The impact of such stress factors is worsened and amplified in the presence of (myco)toxins.


RISE®:  Certainty through science, specific to your own Farm!

Innovad® revolutionalises the field by offering the Industry a science-based Platform, unique of its kind. RISE® is a comprehensive, state-of-the art platform for the mitigation of multi-faceted animal stress under the context of (myco)toxins.

The RISE® platform is the translation of several years of primary research into the simple and easy Mycomarker® Diagnostic Service  and the Premium Detoxifying & Stress Relief Technology Escent S®.

RISE®: a comprehensive three-tier (myco)toxin-related stress management strategy specific to your own Farm!

The RISE® Platform follows a three-tier strategy in order to mitigate mycotoxin-related stress and improve animal performance and health:


Three-tier Strategy


  1. RISK: measure the true mycotoxin RISK to your own animals with the Myco-Marker® Diagnostic Service: a comprehensive assessment combining feed analysis and blood biomarkers in a simple and easy manner.
  2. IMPACT: evaluate the direct IMPACT of mycotoxins on the performance and health of your animals with the Myco-Marker® Diagnostic Service
  3. STRATEGY: optimize your mitigation STRATEGY by proceeding to a fully informed decision for the optimum application of our scientifically proven Premium Detoxifying & Stress Relief Technology Escent® S


RISE®: Two complementary components


The RISE® platform comprises of two differentiated and complementary components:


Myco-Marker®: ADDED-VALUE

A unique and precise supportive Diagnostic & Animal Biomonitoring Mycotoxin Service

  • Myco-Marker® determines the true mycotoxin risk and exposure to animals
  • Myco-Marker® assesses the impact of mycotoxins on animal performance and health
  • Myco-Marker® is specific for each farm – Myco-Marker® is not based on generic field surveys

Escent® S


sophisticated synergy with proven efficacy in vivo:

  • A scientifically proven, pioneering detoxifying technology
  • It helps animals to combat both abiotic and biotic stressors under the context of a concomitant mycotoxin exposure
  • It works via a multifaceted and holistic approach 

Myco-Marker® - COMPONENTS

Myco-Marker® comprises of:

  1. Feed analysis (LC-MS/MS)
  2. Blood analysis (LC-MS/MS)
    • Only one drop of blood: simple and easy system for on-farm application
    • No plasma separation required
    • No border restrictions
  3. Impact evaluation on Animal Performance & Health
  4. Optimization of mitigation strategy
  5. Continuous Biomonitoring plan


sophisticated synergy with proven efficacy in vivo:

  1. Protects against oxidative stress
  2. Supports liver and kidneys functions
  3. Boosts the immune system
  4. Triggers the bio-transformation and detoxification of (myco)toxins
  5. Binds and adsorbs (myco)toxins


RISE® to the challenge of mycotoxins!

Myco-Marker®: Global Survey - 1st year overview results

Working with producers and veterinarians  across the globe Innovad® has the pleasure to announce its first Global Survey – unique of its kind!

The Survey  has deciphered what once was considered a ‘black box’. The Survey  has, for the very first time,  identified the real level and the true nature of mycotoxin issues in farming production.

A snapshot of the Global Survey is provided below.  For more details, take a close look in our Global Survey here.

ESCENT® S – Mycotoxin detoxification POWER under real farming conditions

The field trial under a non-controlled environment confirmed the in vivo mycotoxin detoxification and stress-relief power of the Escent® S Technology.

For more details look here. 

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