Time is running out for the use of antibiotics as growth promoters in animal feeds. This practice has already been banned in Europe and the US, and consumers are demanding new safer, healthier and sustainable ways of producing food. It was against this backdrop and an eagerness to embrace this change that Innovad was established 10 years ago in Belgium as a producer of 100% natural feed additives for all species farm livestock. The experience of Innovad’s  founding team, combined with specialist scientists, vets and local sales teams has produced an agile company capable of responding quickly to market needs.

Innovation is market driven by a team that is in direct contact with the end user and problems in the field. Innovad’s  team is diverse in its expertise, culture and geography but they share one vision to build trust with customers and other stakeholders. The result is a range of novel in-feed and on-farm nutraceutical, and functional solutions.

Lumance® is one of Innovad’s bestsellers:  It is designed to maintain gut health,  reduce the use of antibiotics and other gut active chemicals such as Zinc Oxide in piglet feed. Scientists and veterinarians agree that one single non-antibiotic molecule will have its limits in controlling the overall situation. However, an approach that combines the newest generation butyrate with various additives, appears to be very attractive. By controlling the microflora in the lumen and strengthening the intestinal epithelium integrity, Lumance® offers a comprehensive gut health management program that aims at reducing medication or cocktails of medication.

Innovad was one of  three companies to reach the semi-final in the category ‘Feeding Nations’ of the Tech Rocketship Awards Europe.  Our outgoing CEO, Jamal AlSaifi, Head of Innovation, Christos Gougoulias, and Helen Stebbens, our Sales Manager for the UK & Ireland, did a wonderful job at representing the Company and were proud to be selected as one of 24 companies out of the 650 entries to proceed to the semi-final.

Next week, on the 24th  March, the finals will take place. We’re looking forward to getting to know the winner in our category, and learning even more about  cutting-edge farming practices.

Do you want to learn more about our solutions for intestinal health and medication control? Take a look here and let us help you reduce medication usage and improve profitability.