Managing mycotoxins is getting more savvy as detection techniques become more sensitive and specific new tools enter the market to spot toxins at an early stage. During this webinar (April 16), All About Feed explains the latest insights and research to better cope with mycotoxins and how to spot and prevent mycotoxins induced health problems and diseases. This webinar is a must see for nutritionists, veterinarians and other livestock experts who all look for the latest views and study outcomes on how to best control mycotoxins and hence reduce the effects on animal health and performance.

Innovad’s dr. Christos Gougoulias (Head of Innovation) presents a 20min session titled “Alleviating toxin related stress and biomonitoring its impact on the animal”.
In this session, he explains more about how to alleviate mycotoxin related stress and which biomonitoring tools can be used to assess the impact on the animal. He delves deeper into the impact of several stress factors on health and productivity of animals and which strategies can be pursued to overcome this. He also explains how blood data can be a reliable bio-monitoring tool to prove product efficacy.

On top of this, Prof. dr. Gunther Antonissen (Chairholder of Poultry Health Sciences at Ghent University) will present recent insights on the adverse gut health effects of mycotoxins in livestock.

These excellent speakers and great agenda make this webinar a must see!

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