Intestinal health is the most determining factor for animal health in general, herd performance and eventually farm profitability. Stressors like pathogens and toxins increase the gut permeability leading often to chronic inflammation and diseases such as Necrotic Enteritis in poultry and post weaning diarrhea in piglets and calves. 

As part of our dedication to provide clients with proven, effective solutions, Innovad's dr. Alireza Khadem conducted a study to evaluate the effects of our gut health solution, Lumance

Highlights of this research:

  • Deoxynivalenol (DON) increases the gut permeability and predisposes for Clostridium perfringens induced Necrotic Enteritis in broiler chickens. In other words, DON can replace coccidiosis (Eimeria) as a predisposing factor for NE.
  • Transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER) is a widely accepted technique to measure the integrity of tight junction dynamics in cell culture models and the IPECJ-2 cell line is a well-established model for studying intestinal barrier functions.
  • We here demonstrated that Lumance® enhanced significantly the tight junctions even under bacterial enterotoxin (LPS) challenge in IPECJ-2 cell.

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