As a bronze sponsor of the World's Poultry Congress 2022 in Paris, Innovad® wants to share its knowledge and experiences of bringing innovative and effective solutions from the laboratory to the field. We are very proud to have 4 excellent posters at WPC this August, illustrating our scientific expertise in optimizing animal production.


We are very pleased to invite you to our exclusive event on Tuesday August 9th in Paris, during which we will be sharing the newest insights from both academic and applied research on promising bio-marker technologies in modern poultry production.

The program starts at 6:30 pm with a welcome drink and appetizers, followed by the presentations at 7:00 pm. At 8:00 pm you have the opportunity for a Q&A with the experts and we'll conclude the event with a networking dinner.

What you'll learn about biomarkers in poultry production:

  • "Biomarkers of chronic gut inflammation” by Prof. Mike Kogut, Research Microbiologist at USDA-ARS (USA)
  • Benefit of biomarkers for mycotoxins in animal production” by Prof. Siska Croubels, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Ghent (Belgium)
  • Strategic use of biomarkers in modern poultry production” by Prof. Richard Ducatelle, Veterinary Pathology at the University of Ghent (Belgium)


Speaker info:

Register here if you would like to be invited >>.