Innovad is participating in Asian AgriBiz’ Layer Feed Quality Conference. The online event takes place on three consecutive Wednesdays in May, starting 11 May 2022, with a very strong line up of technical, nutritional and scientific layer feed topics. Innovad’s Global Technical Manager and mycotoxins and stress expert, Dr. Arnau Vidal, will give a presentation on May 11th titled ‘How to manage potentially contaminated alternative ingredients’ on significant new technical findings in commercial layers and Myco-Marker®, Innovad’s Animal-Driven Mycotoxin Diagnostic & Biomonitoring Service.

Dr Vidal worked in the reduction of mycotoxins in the feed chain during his PhD (Lleida University, Spain). After his PhD in 2017, he started a postdoctoral project in Ghent University (Belgium) funded by FWO (Flemish Research Foundation). The project was focused on the toxic impact of mycotoxins in humans and animals and the validation of new mycotoxin biomarkers. As result of his research career, he has published more than 30 articles in international scientific journals.

Watch the webinar recording on our YouTube channel.