Original research addressing two of Innovad’s primary areas of expertise – mycotoxins and gut health – will be highlighted at this year's International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF), the annual scientific meeting held as a forerunner to the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE). Don Ritter, DVM, ACPV, will present the research during the Metabolism & Nutrition VIII session, scheduled for Tuesday, January 30, in room B313.

The IPSF, sponsored by the Southern Poultry Science Society, the Southern Conference on Avian Diseases, and the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, serves as a premier platform for presenting critical information on industry trends and recent research, including new insights in the areas of metabolism and nutrition. This year’s program includes presentations of two abstracts submitted by the Innovad scientific team.

Unveiling mycotoxin exposure

Lead author Don Ritter, DVM, ACPV, will present the first abstract, titled “Practical application of multi-mycotoxin biomarker analysis from dried blood spots to assess mycotoxin exposure risk and performance impacts of a novel mycotoxin intervention in broilers.”

This presentation involves Innovad’s patented methodology for analyzing dried blood spots for a comprehensive list of mycotoxin biomarkers, paired with LC-MS/MS feed analysis. This extensive trial, conducted on commercial broilers across various U.S. locations, revealed persistent exposure to multiple mycotoxins. Subsequently, a pen study was designed to evaluate the performance impact of Novin® P, a proprietary feed additive designed to address feed-related stress.

The trial, involving 1040 day-old male chicks, included two treatments: control and recommended feeding levels of Novin® P. The results show significant reductions in blood mycotoxin biomarkers, resulting in improved rates of gain, body weight, and a statistical tendency for enhanced mortality-adjusted FCR (feed conversion ratio).

According to Dr. Ritter, “The audience will learn the true exposure risk to mycotoxins, that before has been unseen. Blood analysis is a new way to look at mycotoxin exposure in animals, which is much more accurate than feed testing. This presentation will offer poultry producers of all types – broiler, turkey and layers – and scientists from around the world the chance to learn more about mycotoxin dynamics in animals and in the grain supply chain.”

Enhancing intestinal health

Dr. Ritter will also present a paper submitted by a group of scientists from Ghent University, the Agricultural University of Athens, and Innovad, titled "A Synergistic In-Feed Technology Enhances the Intestinal Epithelial Barrier." This study evaluates the protective gut barrier effects of feeding a combination of esterified butyrate, fatty acids, and select plant extracts and essential oils, which is commercially sold by Innovad in the U.S. as LuminTM

Utilizing both established permeability models and an in vivo dietary-induced chronic inflammation model, the study demonstrated significant improvements in broiler body weight and feed conversion when LuminTM was introduced, accompanied by a substantial increase in the expression of key cytoprotective and antioxidant proteins.

Mark your calendar for IPSF

Further details and data on these two studies will be presented during IPSF's Metabolism & Nutrition VIII session, scheduled for the morning of Tuesday, January 30, in room B313. Please note that IPSF requires a separate registration and fee, although students with a valid ID can attend at no charge.

Meet the experts at IPPE

For those seeking more in-depth discussions, Dr. Ritter and other Innovad experts will be available at booth A861 throughout the IPPE, ready to provide insights into this research and related topics.