The acquisition of Add Essens, which has a clear sustainable approach by valorizing side streams from the fruit juice industry, was a starting point for the Innovad group to contribute to a more circular economy. Our team is continuously searching to improve the carbon footprint of our industry. This is achieved by improving the technical performance of the animals in the field with our different product lines on one hand and on the other hand by sourcing more local ingredients that are produced with minimum environmental impact. 

By strengthening the relations with suppliers that invest in sustainable technologies Innovad shows that it has clearly chosen to engage in lowering the environmental impact of its concepts. 

One of the pillars for product development has always been based the incorporation of different technologies with short and medium chain fatty acids, which have a proven track record in supporting animal health. In that specific field recently more intensified relationships have been established with companies producing these fatty acids in a sustainable way. Innovad will further process them and apply them in their pure form, as coated ingredients or even in their esterified form. 

In the coming months our R&D team will focus on the processing of these raw materials and on the incorporation of these sustainable technologies in the different existing health concepts. This will lead to a range of new developments, based on renewable and sustainable ingredients.  

Our CEO Ben Letor, Brian Vriends, Formulations & Development Manager and Tina Rogge, Technical & Production Director.