The Flemish Agency for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO), has recently approved the R&D Proposal on project ‘Oxidation’ that Innovad and Add Essens submitted jointly. The acronym of the Project OXIDATION stands for nOvel antioXidant In-feeD technologies for Animal health & performance from green bio-wasTe – a complete cIrcular ecONomy project. As per the full definition of the OXIDATION acronym, the project aims to build novel 100% natural solutions for animal farming from green biowaste, taking advantage of Add Essens’s unique expertise in the processing and extraction of berry fruits and Innovad’s expertise and positioning within the animal feed additives sector.

The project includes knowledge transfer as well as new research in several areas of the antioxidant activity of botanicals. Ultimately, the two sister companies aim to address several important topics of modern livestock production in relation to animal performance and health such as:

  • Coccidiosis in poultry
  • Dysbacteriosis/dysbiosis in poultry
  • Stress in weaned piglets
  • Stress and milk production in dairy cows during peripartum
  • Improvement of meat quality in slaughtered animals
  • Oxidative stress reduction & immunity in pets

Dr. Christos Gougoulias, Director of Innovation, states: “We are very pleased with the great news. The ambitious 1.5 million euro R&D project is looking at maximizing the synergies between Add Essens and Innovad for the development of novel, botanical-based, solutions in animal farming. The 3-year VLAIO project is focused on sustainability and circular economy and is expected not only to bring new growth but also to future proof the organisation in the years to follow.”

Contact Add Essens' General Manager Kris Schatteman or visit Add Essens' website for more information.