Innovad Group is pleased to announce that it has acquired Scentarom, expert developer and manufacturer of feed flavours and fragrances, through its INNOTEK holding. Innovad has acquired the totality of the shares of Scentarom. The acquisition is part of the ambitious growth strategy in sustainable and natural solutions Innovad has developed over the last years. From its start Innovad has always been producing flavours and this acquisition will strengthen the position as primary producer and adding capacity to support the growth in feed palatability and essential oil products.

Scentarom and Innovad joining forces will leverage the technical expertise to create innovative solutions and services to the customer base worldwide. Business continuity and the quality which customers count on will be guaranteed in these volatile times.

Jan Van Biesen, founder of Scentarom: Following the transaction, Jan Van Biesen, founder and shareholder of Scentarom, will remain in the business.“Over the past twenty years, we have built Scentarom into a well-recognized expert in the field of feed flavours, food flavours, perfumery and fragrances. The loyal long-standing clientele that we have gained over the years did not come from a marketing or commercial prospection effort but rather by word of mouth about the quality, integrity and dedication of our services and abilities in offering the highest flavour and fragrance standards. It was of paramount importance to hand the company to a group that would continue to invest, support and recognize the value of the Scentarom team, its expertise and its long-term partners and clientele. We are very excited about the future expansion this acquisition will bring to a larger clientele globally.”

Ben Letor, Innovad CEO: “Scentarom has an impressive quality track record, independent mindset, and outstanding know-how for the development of flavours and fragrances. We were very impressed by the dedication of the team, their in-depth chemical analysis capabilities, their R&D and product development skills in both flavours and essential oils. It is exciting to be adding Scentarom’s know-how as we continue to unleash our plan for further sustainable growth. We look forward to working together to develop Innovad Group into a global leader in palatability enhancers and specialized in-feed solutions.

Christophe Guilbert, Innovad Global Flavours: “Integrating Scentarom into Innovad Group will undoubtedly expand our scope of opportunities, bringing the flavour and fragrance technology to a much larger audience globally. The Innovad/Scentarom team of experts in feed flavours and fragrances - engaged daily in servicing the industry - will greatly contribute to continue developing the highest standard palatants with the best efficiency for the end-user.”


About Scentarom

Scentarom is a Belgian-based business-to-business company with more than 20 years of experience in-house, specialized in designing tailor-made flavours and fragrances.

Scentarom has a long tradition of flavour design for industrial animal feeding (piglet, calves, poultry, fish, horses, rabbits, ruminants,…). Through ongoing collaboration with world-known institutes of animal feed testing and in close cooperation with the feeding industry itself, flavours with proven functionality (such as feed intake and conversion) are designed to meet the challenges of the feed and food industry, in line with the very demanding regulatory environment, with a particular focus on animal health and feed/food safety.

Furthermore Scentarom has ongoing activities in fragrance design and production for technical applications as well as luxury products.

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