Are your farm animals showing symptoms of heat stress? Poultry, as well as pigs and ruminants can be seriously affected by extreme temperatures and need further support against the consequences of heat stress to prevent economic loss, decreased productivity and health problems.

Heat stress mitigation strategies

The following factors play an important role in mitigating heat stress:

  • Environmental adjustments to comfort the animals
  • Housing modifications and management
  • Continuous access to fresh and cold water
  • Access to shade
  • Withdrawal of animals from direct sunlight and placement in a cool area
  • Fluid, electrolyte and vitamin C therapy




Nutritional solutions

Nutritional strategies are imperative and can help in synergy with environmental control to successfully prevent the incidence or combat the consequences of heat stress. This usually involves optimizing the diet to meet the altered needs of stressed animals. Innovad® offers a range of products that can help support animals and successfully meet their needs during heat waves and extreme temperatures and prevent a potential heat stroke.


The unique Innovad® offering

Lumance® is an effective INTESTINAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT technology combining precisely selected essential oils, plant extracts, medium chain fatty acids and butyrate glycerides. This powerful yet well-balanced formula is significantly reducing chronic gut inflammation and oxidative stress, strengthening the intestinal integrity, and regulating beneficially the microbiota of the lumen - crucial aspects during stressful periods.

Huge research, experimental and filed work demonstrate clear evidence that Lumance® enables to maintain performance and intensive production profitability.

Maxilys® Plus is a concentrated bioactive emulsifier, based on 48% Lysolecithins. Maxilys® Plus is formulated with a high concentration of bioavailable lysophosphatidylcholine, one of the most valuable active ingredients during heat peaks. Maxilys® Plus allows to improve digestibility of nutrients (crude protein and fat), decrease wet litter, reduce pododermatitis lesions, improve liver health and ambiance in the building housing the animals.

Aflorin® P L is a liquid solution that is appropriate for both drinking water and spray application. It contains specially selected plant extracts and essential oils that help support and improve respiratory health as well as facilitate easy breathing for animals. The inclusion of saponins in the formula reduce the ammonia content in feces, improving the air quality and ambiance in the building. Aflorin® P L has an excellent track record of keeping animals relaxed and healthy during periods of heat stress, while maintaining the desired efficiency and production parameters.


Recognize these negative consequences of heat stress? 

Request Innovad's® heat stress guide with our expert Dr. Milena Sevastiyanova to discover more about the impact of heat stress on animal health, revenue and productivity.