Innovad Group is a Golden Sponsor for the upcoming Broiler Feed Quality Conference (BFQC), which promises to be a dynamic and informative gathering of industry experts and professionals. BFQC 2024 will be held in two parts, offering a blend of streamed technical presentations and live discussions, to provide insights into broiler feed quality and production. 

Streamed technical presentations 

Delve into three sessions of streamed presentations on consecutive Wednesdays – 21, 28 February & 6 March. During live Q&A panels at the end of each session, our experts will contribute the latest insights on the following topics: 

  • February 28: Plant based vitamin D to support broiler production 
    by Jan Dirk Van der Klis, Head Global R&D and Technical Services at Herbonis, part of Innovad Group 
  • March 6: The use of biomarkers and biomonitoring tools in broiler production 
    by Dr. Attila Kovács, DVM, Global Category Manager Intestinal Health, Innovad Group


To join the streamed sessions, register via Asian Agribiz.


Live two-day conference 

Join us in Bangkok on 13th & 14th March 2024 for lively talks on the latest developments and challenges in broiler feed quality. Be sure to talk to our team to discover more about Innovad Group's innovative solutions, such as Panbonis®, a product containing the plant-based source of the metabolic active form of Vitamin D, and Myco-Marker®, our Mycotoxin Biomonitoring Service, exclusively available at Innovad Group.

Mark your calendar and join us during Asian Agribiz’ BFQC 2024 in Bangkok.

See you there!