Novitech MN

Purified yeast cell wall to support the immune system at intestine level


In biology, immunity is the state of having sufficient biological defenses to avoid infection, disease or other unwanted biological invasion. It is the capability of the body to resist harmful microbes from entering it. Immunity involves both specific and non-specific components. The non-specific components act either as barriers or as eliminators of a wide range of pathogens irrespective of antigenic specificity. Other components of the immune system adapt themselves to each new disease encountered and are able to generate pathogen-specific immunity.


The intestine is in constant contact with the “outside world” and plays an essential role for the immune system. Novitech MN develops and supports the non-specific immune function specifically at the intestine level.

Farm animals may face multiple stressors, such as reduced feed intake, toxins, gut dysbiosis etc. These stressors are linked to housing conditions (bedding quality, animal density, draft wind…), feeding (quality, quantity, and changes…), environment (temperature, humidity, pathogen load…) or management (transport, re-grouping…). Often the causative agent for unexpected disease or low production level cannot be determined as the factors interact with each other.

With such uncertain situations, two main targets to support the animals can be identified:

  • Bacterial stressors
  • Immune system suppression

Therefore the most promising option is to go for a “2 in 1” shot by using Novitech MN.


  • Improve gut microflora balance and prevent bacterial infection.
  • Fight bacterial infections.
  • Improve immune system supporting the animal specific conditions (Mycotoxicosis,vaccination, infections…)

As a result, Novitech MN supports growth performance (feed conversion and weight gain), reduce diarrhoea and allows a better resistance to disease and mycotoxicosis.

Novitech MN

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