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Gut conditioner

Intestinal microflora

At birth a young calf is sterile and the intestinal tract does not contain any significant microflora. During birth process and immediately after birth, the calf gets in contact with different types of bacteria, which will start colonisation of the intestinal tract. A clean and dry environment is an important management factor and key to success. 

If the development of the intestinal flora is balanced, the evolution of the digestive tract will be positive and this will contribute to a healthy and well performing calf.  If, due to high pressure of pathogenic bacteria, disturbance of the intestinal microflora occurs, it will lead to diarrhoea, damages to the gut, inflammation and reduced technical performance.  This imbalance can also occur whenever a transition is made in the life of a young animal such as weaning, feed transition or other stress factors.

Gut conditioner

Novyrate Calf is a unique gut conditioner to prevent and relief the impact of diarrhea and to support medical treatments of diarrhoea.  It reduces the losses in technical performance and ensures an optimal protection and quick repair of the intestinal health.  Every single dose will act as a coating within the digestive tract and will supply essential active components:

  • Chelaters: a highly efficient and selective tri-lamellar smectite clay mineral will absorb toxins produced by an imbalanced microflora, resulting in a significant reduction of the enterotoxaemia hazard. 
  • Electrolytes will compensate for the losses and restore the animals’ electrolyte balance.
  • Energy: Highly absorbable and immediately metabolisable energy sources based simple sugars to compensate in periods of low feed intake.
  • Plant extracts with strong antibacterial properties while others have an anti-inflammatory or anti-spasmodic effect. 
  • Prebiotics (FOS) to promote beneficial bacteria colonization in the detriment of pathogenic bacteria.
Novyrate Calf

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