Natural Solutions

The strength of nature

Phytogenics are a wide range of natural substances that have a botanical origin, processing and composition. They are gaining importance in animal production because they offer a cost effective and safe solution for antibiotic restrictions and harmful residues.

In animal production, it is widely accepted that phytogenics improve performance because they:

  • can increase feed intake;
  • can improve gut function;
  • have anti-oxidative benefits;
  • have an antimicrobial action;
  • have a physiological effect.


Throughout history, phytogenic plants were utilized to improve health and comfort. Because of their holistic and broad range of actions, they became an attractive alternative to antibiotic growth promoters in livestock production. At Innovad®, we go beyond growth promotion as the primary use of phytogenics. Through years of research, Innovad® deeply understands the potential of phytogenic substances and shares this knowledge through its products. The advantage of this approach is that we can offer products tailored for specific solution of every individual customer. Products that are tailored for the specific problems in respiratory, digestive and in stressful conditions. Thanks to years of on-the-farm knowledge, worldwide orientation and the ability to quickly translate new insights into practical products.

Aflorin® LIVA L combines various plant extracts and liver protective compounds.

Aflorin® P L is a composition of menthol, eucalyptus and saponins to help with respiratory problems.

Aflorin® BF L is a unique formulation of water soluble source of polyphenols and powerful chelators that combat oxidative stress.

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