Vegetable protein digestive aid

Fishmeal Replacements

The supply of fishmeal protein has decreased dramatically in the recent years. As a consequence, the price of fishmeal has risen significantly, making it impossible for aqua producers to sustain economically viable aquacultures. To avert ecological harm and high costs, fishmeal has been largely replaced by vegetable and animal protein.

Plant based materials (soybeans, sunflower, tapioca etc.) are currently used extensively as fishmeal replacements, however fish and crustaceans are lacking the necessary precursors in their system to adequately digest vegetable protein and other essential nutrients.

Digestive Aid

Novigest® is a complex functional additive aiming to aid digestion of plant-based/ vegetable protein sources in aqua species, facilitating/ supporting the process of fish meal replacement. The functional additive combines taurine with yeast extracts and a spectrum of plant derivatives with powerful antioxidant and hepatoprotective properties.


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