Antioxidant Combinations

Oxidative rancidity: an important feed quality issue

Autoxidation is a typical example of undesired chemical feed degradation. It is a destructive irreversible reaction which occurs in organic materials when exposed to oxygen. It has a major impact on flavour, nutritional quality, and health of the feed product which are major concerns for feed manufacturers.

Hydroperoxides are formed when oxygen and fatty acids combine in the presence of a catalyst (such as free radicals from trace minerals (Fe), temperature, light, enzymes, ...). Peroxides are reactive, which will result in a vicious circle of oxidation. In the final stage, volatile compounds such as hydrocarbons, aldehydes and ketons are formed.

Both intermediate and final products of the oxidation process can be considered as contaminants. As the final products from the oxidation process are volatile components, they will have a negative effect on palatability. Free radicals and peroxides will induce further oxidation of the feed. Besides the fat fraction, vitamins, pigments and proteins will also be destroyed. Free radicals and peroxides do not only induce further oxidation of feed, but also have a negative impact within the digestive tract. They are cytotoxic, responsible for cell damages and disturbances of the beneficial micro-flora.

Premixes and concentrates are highly concentrated mixtures of often expensive nutrients such as vitamins, pigments, trace minerals, amino acids etc. These formulations contain highly aggressive substances such as trace minerals and / or choline chloride which will induce the induction phase of the oxidation reaction. Even in the absence of fat, oxidation will result in the breakdown of vitamins, amino acids and other essential nutrients.


Novinox is a selective range of antioxidant combinations. The Novinox concept is based on a limitation of the initiation phase and an interruption of the viscous circle of oxidation. The selection of the product will depend on the type of material to be protected (feed- concentrate - premix - raw material - fatty acid profile); the application, the required shelf life and specific customer requirements (e.g. pet food). All these parameters are important in order to design the most effective solution. Novinox is available in dry and liquid form in order to cover a wide application spectrum.


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