Water Hygiene

Clean drinking water, free of bacteria

Animals need clean water to grow efficiently and to be free of diseases. Drinking water is often overlooked in determining the hygiene level of the farm. The drinking system needs regular attention to keep it clean and free of pathogens. Contaminated water is often unnoticeable with the naked eye but performance can be greatly affected by the water quality. Biofilms and mineral deposits may also build in water pipes, which can block and harbor pathogens in the pipe system. Water is involved in every aspect of the animal’s metabolism. It has an important role in body temperature regulation, feed digestion and waste excretion. In a normal situation, farm animals consume twice as much water as feed.

A safe and adequate supply of water is therefore essential in efficient animal production. It would be irresponsible to pay attention to raw materials and feed hygiene programs while neglecting the risk of contamination via drinking water. Drinking water acidification is an easy and practical approach as part of a total hygiene program on farm. The use of organic acids as antibacterial components is widely known and the fact that organic acids and their salts are water soluble makes them an ideal farm application. They will avoid bacterial contamination of drinking water while once in the digestive tract, they will contribute to a healthy microflora and digestive activity. They also prevent the deposition of biofilm in drinking water systems and are complementary to chlorine treatments.

Novicid ES L contributes to a quick pH drop of the drinking water, resulting in a strong sanitizing effect and economical application.

Novion S L provides a powerful 3-way action on water quality, gut development and antimicrobial effect.

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